Accelerating the Future of Clean Energy

A platform designed to empower teams and accelerate the development of clean energy infrastructure.

We partner with skilled developers with local knowledge to form their own ventures to develop and originate opportunities at the local level.

Champlin Energy

Champlin Renewable creates clean and cost-competitive renewable energy infrastructure boasting decades of experience and long-standing relationships like GE, Edison Mission Energy, Good Energies, and Concord New Energy.

"Teaming up with AccelDev was a great decision for Champlin Renewables.  We have a long-standing relationship with their senior management and they are really great partners to work with.  They understand the challenges of early stage project development and offered tailored solutions to our capital requirements for developing our projects.  We are proud to be a part of the AccelDev portfolio and look forward to a great future together."

Michael Cutbirth


Formation Energy

Specializing in community-based solar projects, Formation Energy brings unparalleled expertise to the forefront of the industry operating in the PJM area at the forefront of solar PV, solar industry innovation, and renewable energy solutions.

"AccelDev has been a game-changer for Formation Energy. Their early-stage capital injection and collaboration have been invaluable. AccelDev doesn't just provide funding; they understand the challenges of early-stage development and offer tailored solutions. We're not just a portfolio company; we're part of a thriving ecosystem that's reshaping the future of clean energy. Grateful for the partnership!"

Laurie Mazer


Centennial Generation

Established in 2014, Centennial is a prominent power company with operations spanning seven countries specializing in solar and battery energy storage projects tailored for commercial and industrial operations, Fortune 500 businesses, publicly traded companies, and other leading organizations.

David John Frenkil


Our goal is to provide flexible capital so you can focus on what you do best

Project Development Capital

Corporate Equity/Debt Investments

Hybrid Partnership Structures

The Opportunity for Change

The clean energy market has matured to the point where local developers are the significant value creators. Serious tailwinds exist that will only make this more evident. 
As costs decline, technology improves, more state and federal incentives are implemented, and organizations strive to meet their energy and sustainability goals – demand for clean energy solutions will only increase.



Chip leads all AccelDev efforts including deal structuring, Partner support, and project sales. Prior to launching AccelDev, Chip spent five years at IGS Energy as the Director of Capital Markets where he focused on project finance and joint ventures across solar markets. Chip also worked at another solar financing start-up, Kina’ole Capital as well as private equity firm, Clear Brook Advisors.

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